A Summary on How Domino Poker Came to Be

Gaming is something many people are into nowadays. It has been in the scene for quite some time but not everyone is familiar with it. Domino poker is one of the online games that players are raving about.

Pai Gow is the suspected oldest form of the domino poker game although there are already many variations of it one of which is the Pai Gow Poker. Traditional domino poker games are table games. However, video poker and online domino poker are not new.

Pai Gow’s literal meaning is “double hand”, and in its original form, there is a set of 32 Chinese dominos. There are some variants that use western dominos, too, as well as other cards that can be used substitutes for other dominos (like Pai Gow Poker). Pai Gow is not just played in China and Macau, but in other countries as well, like the US, Canada, and Australia and New Zealand.

each player is given a stack with the goal of having two hands of two tiles each.

In this game, the shuffling of the tiles happens before being divided into eight stacks of four. With the dealer included, each player is given a stack with the goal of having two hands of two tiles each. The front hand has a lower value pair while the rear has the opposite. The winning player must beat the hands of the dealer. Obviously, there is betting involved.

In the West, the game is not much different. Some differences include:

  • Each hand has more dominos
  • Not all games require eight players
  • Five dominos are given instead of four
  • Typically has two to four players

Being able to check, call, bet, fold, or raise is universal.

To win:

  • Royal hand – five doubles
  • Straight sixes – a sequence in the suit of sixes
  • Four of a kind – four cards of the same rank
  • Straight fives – similar to straight sixes; a sequence in the suit of five
  • Full house – three doubles and two of any suit
  • Straight fours – similar to straight sixes and fives; a sequence in the suit of four
  • Three of a kind – three cards of the same rank
  • Flush – five tiles of the same suit
  • Pair – two cards of the same rank

In any case the ones mentioned above do not happen, the winner is the one with the highest double. If that does not happen either, then the player with the highest card in the higher suit wins.

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